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Voice Menu

Learn About Voice Menu

Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) is more than just a simple way of directing inbound calls. It is a great way to improve productivity all the while cutting costs.

For anyone that has never called the government or a large institution, an Interactive Voice Recording (IVR), voice menu, or auto attendant, is a pre-recorded set of voice recordings which can direct the caller to the relevant person quickly, or better yet, handle the phone call entirely.

Most helpful in larger organisations with multiple branches and departments, a voice menu can reduce the pressure on receptionists, allowing the customer to direct themselves.

Even more amazing is how a feature like this can provide different options and recorded messages based on the date and time.

A voice menu will save you money

With the help of VoIPSmart, you can virtually automate all your inbound call processing. When paired with the other features in our state-of-the-art systems, you can save money, improve productivity, improve office well-being and streamline your cumbersome processes with little-to-no effort.

Is it difficult to configure voice menu?

Setting up this type of feature is easy through our intuitive customer portal. Unfamiliar with VoIP systems, or just not confident with technology in general? Our technical support team is always just a phone call away if you’re ever lost and need someone to guide you through the set-up process.

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